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Dana Bloom

Colors jewelry line, 3D printed colored jewels by Dana Bloom.


Dana Bloom is honorary graduate of Shenkar college of Engineering and Design,

in the department of jewelry design, Ramat-Gan, Israel 2006.


In 2007 received her Master of arts in design from the Creative Academy in Milan, Italy. After finishing her studies in Italy she worked as a jewelry designer at Cartier, French jeweler and watchmaker, Paris.


Dana draws her inspiration from nature, biomorphic shapes as well as flowing soft and gentle lines. Her work is characterized by airy sculptured objects that derive their origin from an interest in space perception and three dimensions.


Working in the suburbs of Tel-Aviv, Bloom combines her passion to technology, art and design to produce her unique designed jewellery. Bloom sees the Colors line as an opportunity to  introduce and bring her jewellery to the women who are interested in unique, new and colorful jewels without compromising on quality and comfort. The Colors line of collections are created using 3D printers. Each jewel is painted and hand finished, conferring a unique and smooth sensation and guaranteeing their lightweight 
and comfortableness.


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